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Verandahs by Carports Gold Coast

At Carports Gold Coast, we ensure that your outdoor area is functional and inviting. A verandah can make the perfect addition to your home.
Fitting a Carports Gold Coast verandah is the perfect way to extend the living area of your home while staying stylish and affordable. Our high-quality aluminium verandahs are available in a range of styles that will match any colour scheme, giving you creative freedom when it comes to your new outdoor space.
If you are looking for an investment property on the Gold Coast, our verandahs are perfect for adding value at a minimal cost. Our clients enjoy peace of mind through our efficient service and friendly staff who manage every project from start to finish.


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    What are the benefits of building a verandah?

    Having a verandah built in your home has many benefits, including:
    • It can extend the living space of your home, making it feel larger and more open.
    • It provides a sheltered area outdoors where you can relax without worrying about the weather.
    • It can be used as an outdoor room, perfect for enjoying summer evenings with friends and family.
    • It can increase the value of your property if you ever decide to sell.

    The best materials for constructing a verandah

    Verandahs are built using different materials, but the most common ones are timber and aluminium.
    Timber is a popular choice because it’s a natural material that can be stained or painted to match your home’s colours. Aluminium is a great option if you want a low-maintenance verandah, as it doesn’t rust or corrode.
    Another factor to consider when choosing materials is the climate in your area. If you live in a wetter region, timber might not be the best option as it can rot over time. Aluminium is a good choice for wet climates, as it doesn’t rust or corrode.

    An open verandah

    Are verandahs expensive to build?

    The cost of having a verandah added to your property can vary depending on what style you want. The cost will mainly depend on the materials that will be used, the size and the design of the verandah. The size and design of your verandah will also affect the cost. A simple design with minimal components will be cheaper than a complex design with lots of ornate features. A deeper verandah with extensive overhangs, roofs, and facias will be more expensive than a smaller verandah with simple lines and underhang.
    Our Gold Coast team will come to you and do a site survey, sending you their quote in no time!

    A verandah for a house

    Verandah Designs

    Verandahs come in different designs and styles. The design will be determined by the style you choose and where they are located in your home.
    The most common verandah designs include:
    – Bay Window Style
    – Crows Nest Verandahs
    – L- Shaped Verandahs
    – Rectangle Verandahs
    – U Shaped Verandahs.

    A verandah with a sitting area

    What are the uses of a verandah?

    A verandah has many uses in a home. As well as providing shade and an outdoor area to relax, they can be used for bike storage, clotheslines or even a place to grow plants. Some people use it for dining or just simply to take an afternoon nap. Whatever your use is, you are sure going to enjoy the fresh air!
    A verandah is also very versatile when it comes to design. It can be built around existing trees which makes them eco-friendly too! Or it can be built onto the side of your home where you have ample space. You will love working with us because we listen carefully to what you want and build accordingly. We’ll never push our ideas on you – we’re always here listening and building according to your needs!

    Why Choose Us?

    At Carports Gold Coast, we ensure that our client’s needs are always put first. We have a wide range of structures to choose from, made from different materials to suit every budget. Plus, we offer a free consultation and quote so you can be sure you’re getting the best possible value for your money.
    Our team is comprised of experienced professionals who will work with you to design a verandah that not only looks great but is also tailored to your specific needs. We take care of everything from designing to construction, so you can relax and enjoy your new verandah.
    If you’re looking for an extension to your home that will provide all these benefits, a verandah might just be the perfect choice for you. To find out more about our verandahs or get a free consultation and quote, call us today or visit our website. We look forward to hearing from you!


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